As with all projects, time and effort is always the biggest constraint. Genie is designed to be used by all kind Network Engineer, and as such, its implementation and feature sets must cater to and benefit the entire user base as much as possible.

The development team takes every precaution necessary to ensure that the test infrastructure is free from defects, bugs & other issues. Every module developed is be shipped with unittests, and every design intent is documented.

Genie development priority is determined based on a combination of factors and criteria such as:

  • is it a bug or an enhancement?

  • is this an enabler? Eg, is this base infrastructure, or simply a feature add to an existing component?

  • how long will it take to develop?

  • how many people will likely use and/or benefit from it?

  • are there any active projects/users currently waiting or blocked by it?

  • are there any dependencies (from a coding/implementation perspective)?

  • is there an alternative or workaround?


  • Segment routing (Model/Conf/Ops/Parsers)

  • Isis (Model/Conf/Ops/Parser)

  • Arp (Model/Conf/Ops/Parser)

  • Development of IOS Parsers

Core infrastructure

  • Genie Cli

    • All of Genie power, without knowing any Python!

  • Python implementation of IXIA

    • Full python implementation of Ixia

    • Snapshot comparison

    • Many new features to control Traffic generator

  • Debug Mode for Ops object

    • Help with writting and debugging Ops object

  • Randomize Trigger execution order

  • Golden PTS include mechanism; in addition to the exclude key

  • Speed enhancement for Ops and Parser

  • Trigger datafile enhancement to support


  • Enhancement of Model webpage

  • New page to navigate through the Parsers

  • Parsergen Documentation enhancement

  • Commit guidelines and developer mode for Genie.libs

  • New cookbook examples


Send us an contact us for any feature request and feedback.