pyATS Blitz

The Blitz is a YAML-driven template that makes it easy for you to run a test case without having to know any knowledge of programming. This tool is called Blitz because it’s lightning fast — does the following actions:

  • Configure a device.

  • Parse the device output to verify if the device state is as expected.

  • Unconfig or modify the initial configuration.

  • Learn a feature and verify the result of the action

  • Calling different apis and use their outputs on other actions and other devices

  • Yang integration

  • It is fully customizable and new actions can be added

  • Many more features that will be discussed thoroughly in the upcoming sections

To use the Blitz, add the YAML content to a trigger datafile, or create a new yaml file if you dont have one. Using a job file execute tests in the given order.

Each trigger datafile can contains of multiple testcases.

# Template of a blitz testcase
# ----------------------------

# Name of the testcase

    # Leave this as is for most use cases
        pkg: genie.libs.sdk
        class: triggers.blitz.blitz.Blitz

    # Field containing all the sections

        # Section name - Can be any name, it will show as the first section
        # of the testcase
        - section_one:
            - ">>>> <ACTION> <<<<"
            - ">>>> <ACTION> <<<<"
            - ">>>> <ACTION> <<<<"

        - section_two:
            - ">>>> <ACTION> <<<<"
            - ">>>> <ACTION> <<<<"