• Genie requires pyATS to be installed.

  • It is highly recommended to install Genie and pyATS within a virtual environment. (Cisco engineers get this automatically with pyATS installation script).

  • Cisco only make sure to request permission to bitbucket.

Installation & Upgrade

Within your virtual environment:

If you dont have pyats installed, this will install both pyats and genie:

pip install pyats[library]

Or run this if pyats is already install in your environment:

pip install genie


For Cisco employee, you might need to source the proxy first source /auto/pyats/bin/lab_proxy.csh (or .sh if bash)

This will install the follow packages:

Genie packages



Genie main package


Libraries containing Conf objects


Libraries containing Ops objects


Libraries containing Triggers, Verification and harness related


Libraries containing all the parsers


Robot Library to interact with Genie


Library for file transfer operations on device


Infrastructure for Telemetry

You are good to go explore Genie

Code Structure

Genie code base is divided into two sections:

  • Infrastructure

  • Feature libraries & SDK


The infrastructure is the core and baseclass of Genie and is released via pip packages. For any question contact us.

Feature libraries & SDK

The feature libraries & SDK are user-community owned and developed. When installing Genie, all the libraries are automatically installed with the latest version. To contribute to the library, do the following:

Contribute to Genie Parser

  1. git clone

  2. cd genielibs

  3. make develop

Contribute to Genie Libs

  1. git clone

  2. cd genielibs

  3. make develop

Once this steps are done, you can develop any changes and send pull request. Here are some rough steps. No exact steps can be given as every scenario is different. Make sure you are familiar with git.

git checkout -b <branch name>
# Do the modifications on the file(s)
git add <file>
git commit -m "some message explaining the  change"
git push origin branch_name


Make sure to understand how develop mode works for setuptools.

genie.libs.parser code can be found in genieparser/src/genie/libs/parser/

Genie.libs code is divided in 4 main parts

  • pkgs/ops-pkg/src/genie/libs/ops/ - Operational state object

  • pkgs/conf-sdk/src/genie/libs/sdk/ - Triggers and Verifications

  • pkgs/conf-pkg/src/genie/libs/conf/ - Configuring device with Python object

  • pkgs/conf-robot/src/genie/libs/robot/ - RobotFramework libraries for Genie

Support Mailer

For support, question and training contact us.