This topic briefly points out high level features pyATS Clean offers.

Clean Stages

  • Modular Stage-Based Architecture that allows for complete customization

Image Management

  • Can pass the image key from stage to stage automatically

Device Recovery

  • Recovers the device and bring it back to a use-able state using a Golden Image and Golden Configuration

Supported Products

  • Supports a wide range of products

Supported PowerCyclers

  • Supports a wide range of powercyclers

Execution options

  • Execute only the clean; or execute the clean as part of test script execution

Compatible with pyATS Log Viewer (Liveview)

  • Easy to view logs, both in real-time and post the clean execution.

Customizable flow

  • Clean steps/stages are tailored to meet the requirement of the platform

Group Devices

  • Supports grouping of similar devices under one clean

Works alongside Uniclean

  • Can work with other cleaner classes in the same Clean YAML File