RobotFramework Support

Robot Framework is generic Python/Java test automation framework that focuses on acceptance test automation by through English-like keyword-driven test approach.

Starting Unicon v3.1.0, Robot Framework support has been added through the optional robot sub-package under Unicon.robot namespace umbrella. This enables RobotFramework users to leverage key aspects of Genie without having to reinvent the wheel. Robot Framework libraries have also been added for pyATS and Genie.


Robot Framework support is an optional component under Unicon. To use it, you must install this package explicitly:

pip install unicon[robot]


  • Execute command on device

  • Configure command on device

  • Enable/Disable device output

  • Set Unicon settings


For the complete set of keywords supported by this package, refer to Unicon Keywords.


# Example
# -------
#   Demonstration of Unicon Robot Framework Keywords

*** Settings ***
Library    ats.robot.pyATSRobot
Library    unicon.robot.UniconRobot

*** Test Cases ***

Connect to device
    use testbed "testbed.yaml"
    # Remove default connection commands
    set unicon setting "HA_INIT_CONFIG_COMMANDS" "" on device "nx-osv-1"
    connect to device "uut"

Execute command
    execute "show devices list" on device "uut"
    configure "router bgp 100" on device "uut"

Execute command in parallel on multiple devices
    execute "show devices list" in parallel on devices "uut"

Disconnect from device
    disconnect from device "uut"