Unicon: The Connection Library

Unicon is a package aiming to provide a unified connection experience to network devices through typical command-line management interface. By wrapping the underlying session (eg, telnet, ssh), Unicon provides:

  • direct and proxied connections through any common CLI interface (telnet, ssh, serial etc)

  • power of expect-like programming without having to deal with low-level logic

  • multi-vendor support through an agnostic API interface

  • seamless handling of CLI modes (eg, enable, configure, admin-configure mode)

  • rejected commands, command error detections

  • value-add stateful services (specific to the platform)

and is extensible: platform supports and services are implemented via open-source plugins.

Unicon is the standard, go-to CLI connection implementation for Cisco pyATS framework.

This package was initially developed internally in Cisco, and is now released to the general public starting late 2017 through Cisco DevNet.

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Section author: ATS Team