Short-hand for Python. The current Python version used in pyATS is Python 3.6/3.7/3.8


Tcl-ATS legacy file, used to describe testbed hardware information such as IPs, FTP/TFTP, clean etc information. This concept is now rolled into a single pyATS Testbed file

MAP file

Tcl-ATS legacy file, used to describe testbed topology information in a keyed-list format. This concept is now rolled into a single pyATS testbed file

pyATS Instance/Install

A particular instance (a.k.a. installation) of pyATS infrastructure. The equivalent concept in Tcl ATS is an “ATS Tree”


Python Package Index, a Python package/module software repository. The official PyPI for Python is at http://pypi.python.org, and the internal pyATS PyPI repository (for hosting ATS released, internal modules) is located at http://pyats-pypi.cisco.com/


Legacy Tcl-based test infrastructure written using Tcl, available only for internal Cisco Engineering. Deprecated since 2016.


defines the sum of all physical hardware (routers, switches, TGNs) interconnected together.

Testbed Topology

the description of how testbed devices are physically interconnected.

Testbed File

pyATS standard testbed interconnect & meta-data definition in YAML format


Test Information Management System, a Cisco online content mgmt system that supports the documentation and tracking of tests on a project-by-project basis.


XR-Unit Testing infrastructure. XRUT is a powerful automation framework that was initially development for XR-unit testing, and evolved overtime to include NXOS, IOS, Titanium, IOL. As well, it supports black-box and white-box testing capabilities.


“Yet-Another-Markup-Language” or “YAML Ain’t Markup Language”, is a human-readable data serialization format. See: http://www.yaml.org/