RobotFramework SupportΒΆ

RobotFramework is generic Python/Java test automation framework that focuses on acceptance test automation by through English-like keyword-driven test approach.

You can now freely integrate pyATS into RobotFramework, or vice versa:

  1. running RobotFramework scripts directly within Easypy, saving runtime logs under runinfo directory, and aggregating results into Easypy report.

  2. leverage pyATS infrastructure and libraries within RobotFramework scripts.

However, as RobotFramework support is an optional component under pyATS, you must install the package explicitly before being able to leverage it:

# Installing RobotFramework support for pyATS
# -------------------------------------------

# DevNet Community
bash$ pip install --upgrade pyats.robot

# Cisco Internal Developers
bash$ pip install --upgrade ats.robot