Packets! As with any thorough testing, it’s sometimes imperative to execute tests with actual traffic flowing through devices. Genie can connect to traffic generator (TGN) devices within a testbed topology.

The genietrafficgen package contains connection implementation classes for traffic generator devices such as Ixia, Spirent etc.

This package can be used for connecting to traffic generator devices using Genie and execute common functions such as loading configuration, starting/stopping traffic etc.

Genie currently utilizes the following connection implementation libraries for connecting to IXIA traffic generator devices:

  1. genie.trafficgen: Uses Ixia’s Python-based ixnetwork PyPI package

  2. statictgn: Leverages Cisco internal TCL-based TGN libraries (not available externally)


We recommend using the genie.trafficgen package over the statictgn libraries.


Connection implementation library ‘statictgn’ will be deprecated soon.