Trigger Cluster

Genie Harness allows you to execute any available Triggers and Verifications. You can also group multiple Triggers and Verification into 1 Cluster trigger!

In the Trigger datafile:

    sub_verifications: ['Verify_BgpVrfAllAll']
    sub_triggers: [ 'TriggerSleep', 'TriggerShutNoShutBgp']
    sub_order: ['TriggerSleep', 'Verify_BgpVrfAllAll', 'TriggerSleep', 'TriggerShutNoShutBgp', 'Verify_BgpVrfAllAll']
    devices: ['uut']

Which will provide this

-- TriggerCombined.uut                                                   PASSED
   |-- TriggerSleep_sleep.1                                              PASSED
   |-- TestcaseVerificationOps_verify.2                                  PASSED
   |-- TriggerSleep_sleep.3                                              PASSED
   |-- TriggerShutNoShutBgp_verify_prerequisite.4                        PASSED
   |   |-- Step 1: Learning 'Bgp' Ops                                    PASSED
   |   |-- Step 2: Verifying requirements                                PASSED
   |   `-- Step 3: Merge requirements                                    PASSED
   |-- TriggerShutNoShutBgp_shut.5                                       PASSED
   |   `-- Step 1: Configuring 'Bgp'                                     PASSED
   |-- TriggerShutNoShutBgp_verify_shut.6                                PASSED
   |   `-- Step 1: Verifying 'Bgp' state with ops.bgp.bgp.Bgp            PASSED
   |-- TriggerShutNoShutBgp_unshut.7                                     PASSED
   |   `-- Step 1: Unconfiguring 'Bgp'                                   PASSED
   |-- TriggerShutNoShutBgp_verify_initial_state.8                       PASSED
   |   `-- Step 1: Verifying ops 'Bgp' is back to original state         PASSED
   `-- TestcaseVerificationOps_verify.9                                  PASSED


Make sure you run it with trigger_uids in the jobfile or argument.

You can take any existing Triggers and execute it in any order. This gives you all the power to create your own Cluster Trigger!

Take a look at Example 11 to see a real example of it!