Easypy provides a standardized runtime environment for testscript execution in pyATS. It offers a simple, straight-forward way for users to aggregate testscripts together into jobs, integrates various pyATS modules together into a collectively managed ecosystem, and archives all resulting information for post-mortem debugging.


  • Jobs: aggregation of multiple testscripts into one job.

  • TaskLog: stores all runtime log outputs to TaskLog.

  • E-mail Notification: emails the user result information upon finishing.

  • Multiprocessing Integration: executes each jobfile Task in a child process, and configures the environment to allow for hands-off forking.

  • Clean: clean/brings up the current testbed with new images & fresh configuration.

  • Plugins: plugin-based design, allowing custom user injections to alter and/or enhance the current runtime environment.

Installation & Updates

Easypy module easypy is installed by default as part of pyATS installation. The package is also featured in the PyPI server, and can be installed separately.

Note that easypy module is part of the pyats namespace, and therefore, users should always refer to the full namespace when installing & using:

pip install pyats.easypy

To upgrade an existing installation of Easypy package in your environment, do:

pip install pyats.easypy --upgrade


always read the Changelog first before you upgrade.