RobotFramework Keywords

The pyats.robot module also features RobotFramework keywords, enabling users to leverage pyATS features and scripts.


  • run pyATS AEtest testcases and converting results to Robot

  • loading/using pyATS testbed topology YAML files

  • connect/interact with testbed devices dynamically


For the complete set of keywords supported by this package, refer to pyATS Keywords.


# Example
# -------
#   Demonstration of pyATS Robot Framework Keywords

*** Settings ***
# Importing test libraries, resource files and variable files.

Library        ats.robot.pyATSRobot

*** Variables ***
# Defining variables that can be used elsewhere in the test data.
# Can also be driven as dash argument at runtime

${datafile}     datafile.yaml
${testbed}      testbed.yaml

*** Test Cases ***
# Creating test cases from available keywords.

    # select the testbed to use
    use testbed "${testbed}"

    # connec to testbed device through cli
    connect to device "ios" as alias "cli"

    # calling pyats common_setup
    run testcase "basic_example_script.common_setup"

Testcase pass
    # calling pyats testcase
    run testcase "basic_example_script.tc_one"