Top-level command-line entry point for pyATS. All other functions are loaded as subcommands of this command.


  pyats <command> [options]

    clean               runs the provided clean file
    create              create scripts and libraries from template
    diff                Command to diff two snapshots saved to file or directory
    learn               Command to learn device features and save to file
    logs                command enabling log archive viewing in local browser
    migrate             utilities for migrating to future versions of pyATS
    parse               Command to parse show commands
    run                 runs the provided script and output corresponding results.
    secret              utilities for working with secret strings.
    shell               enter Python shell, loading a pyATS testbed file and/or pickled data
    validate            utilities that help to validate input files
    version             commands related to version display and manipulation

General Options:
  -h, --help            Show help

Run 'pyats <command> --help' for more information on a command.


the number of subcommands homed under top-level pyats command may vary depending on your pyATS version, packages installed, and other variables.

Common Options

Optional arguments built into the core pyats command, that can be added to any level/subcommands.

-h, --help

display help for the given command and/or subcommand

-v, --verbose

increase the verbosity of display output

-q, --quiet

decrease the verbosity of displayed output