August 2020

Module Versions





Install Instructions

bash$ pip install unicon.plugins

Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon.plugins

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Updated terminal size settings for NXOS/ACI/N9K and linux plugins.

  • [APIC] Added ‘Error’ to the list of error_patterns

  • [ASA] Added statement to handle for ‘Proceed with reload?’

  • [IOSXE] Changed IOSXE plugin shell_prompt (non-greedy match on wildcard)

  • [IOSXE] Added stack and quad plugins to support devices with stack/quad chassis type

  • [IOSXR] Updated IOSXR/ncs5k STANDBY_STATE_REGEX in the setttings

  • [IOSXR] Added asr9k/ncs5k ha reload service

  • [Generic] Added learn_os feature for generic plugins redirect to corresponding plugin connection