December 2020

Module Versions





Install Instructions

bash$ pip install unicon.plugins

Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon.plugins

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • IOSXE plugin
    • Updated regex for config prompt

    • Fixed patterns and added ca_profile for its config to be matched

  • IOSXR plugin
    • NCS5K plugin
      • Fixed HA Reload to use correct credentials

  • NXOS ACI Plugin
    • Added configure service

    • Removed deprecation message from nxos->aci->n9k

    • Fixed a bug where the buffer might not be empty after connecting to the device

  • ASA Plugin
    • Add error_pattern to capture ‘* WARNING *

  • FXOS/FTD Plugin
    • Added support for “* ” in chassis prompt, e.g. “FirePower* #”

  • Linux
    • Added passphrase pattern in connection dialogs

    • Made it possible to override the shell prompt from the connection settings