September 2020

Module Versions





Install Instructions

bash$ pip install unicon.plugins

Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon.plugins

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • [IOSXE] Added Traceroute service for Ha connection

  • [IOSXE] Enhanced stack reload and switchover service

  • [IOSXE] Enhanced disable_prompt and enable_prompt regex pattern

  • [Junos] Updated regex to check more commit failures

  • [Junos] Fix junos configure service duplicated commit

  • [FXOS/FTD] Add ‘Are you sure’ statement - sendline(y)

  • [FXOS] Add ‘Invalid Command’ and ‘Ambiguous command’ error patterns

  • [Aireos] Add ‘Warning’ error_pattern

  • [Aireos] Add error pattern checking during reload service

  • [ASA] Add execute statement dialogs to execute service

  • [ASA] Added reload_statements to reload service

  • [NXOS] Update HA_INIT_CONFIG_COMMANDS to add ‘line vty’ and ‘exec-timeout 0’