June 2020

Module Versions





Install Instructions

bash$ pip install unicon.plugins

Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon.plugins

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed ambiguous python shebang in mock devices

  • Updated generic configure pattern to include ca-trustpoint

  • [IOSXE] Added recovery-mode support

  • [IOSXE] Updated shell pattern

  • [IOSXR] Added commit retry timer that can be controlled under settings in the testbed yaml file

  • [IOSXR] Updated admin_config prompt

  • [IOSXR] Fixed enable pattern

  • [AIREOS] Added Invalid error_patterns

  • [AIREOS] Enhanced reload pattern

  • [AIREOS] Fixed HA execute service to use service dialogs

  • [AIREOS/IOS] Added logging console disable to INIT_EXEC_COMMANDS

  • [JUNOS] Enhanced plugin to fail on commit failures

  • [JUNOS] Updated CONFIGURE_ERROR_PATTERN in setting

  • [STAROS] Updated error patterns and exec init commands

  • [LINUX] Updated single hash prompt pattern

  • [NXOS] Fixed switchover timeout hard code issue

  • [CIMC] Update CIMC prompt pattern