pyats.robot.commands package


class pyats.robot.commands.impl.RunRobot(prog)

Bases: Command

Run RobotFramework Script in a generated job file

description = '\nRuns a RobotFramework script with the provided arguments, generating & report\nresult.\n'
help = 'runs the provided RobotFramework script'

internal entrypoint for commands

name = 'robot'
usage = '{prog} [file] [options]\n\nExample\n-------\n  {prog} /path/to/my_robot_script.robot\n  {prog} /path/to/my_robot_script.robot --testbed-file /path/to/testbed.yaml\n'
class pyats.robot.commands.job.SimpleRobotJob(*args, **kwargs)

Bases: Job

Job constructor

Instantiates a job object and sets all sorts of internal states.

  • (str) (jobfile) –

  • (EasypyRuntime) (runtime) –

classmethod configure_parser(parser, legacy_cli=True)

configures the main runtime parser with this component’s own parser group.


  • to be implemented by the component owner/developer.

  • should be adding argument groups and args to the provided parser


Job run

Runs the provided jobfile. Steps:

  1. runs all pre-job plugins

  2. run main() function entry of provided jobfile

  3. cleanup any dangling tasks

  4. add any child task messages to report email

  5. run post-job plugins