December 2017

December 20 - v2.3.8

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Updates to Linux plugin:

    • Added ‘hit and enter’ prompt

    • Prompt pattern speed fix

    • Added unittest for pattern speed

  • Updates to ConfD plugin:

    • Support for CSP (Cloud Services Platform)

  • Updates to iosxr plugin:

    • Pattern updated to capture the device output in addition to device prompt

  • Updates to iosxr/moonshine plugin:

    • Improved support for confirmation prompt y/n handling

  • Updates to iosxe/cat3k and nxos plugins:

    • Fixed some cases in which prompt recovery was not being properly invoked.

  • Updates to iosxe and nxos plugins:

    • Fixed a day-one bug, now post-reload HA sync detection loop works correctly.

  • Generic patterns

    • Updated bad_password pattern

  • IOS unittest update

    • Added test for password error handling

  • Mock device updates:

    • Get response text from a list of responses (linear or circular)

    • Mock data loading from directory specified on cli

  • Developer updates:

    • Support for callable as statemachine command

    • Dotgraph method to create graphical representation of the statemachine