May 2017

May 8 - v2.3.0

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

The following changes were introduced as a result of uniclean IOSXE plugin development:

  • Added IOSXE simplex plugin

    • Pulled up common functionality from iosxe/cat3k plugin to iosxe layer.

    • Added rommon->disable transition logic.

  • Added IOSXE HA plugin

    • Enhanced generic enable/disable prompt patterns to support IOSXE standby RP prompt.

    • Now properly detecting standby locked state.

    • Pushed down HA role detection logic to generic and nxos plugin layer from unicon core.

  • Changes to iosxe/cat3k plugin

    • Now throwing exception if a cyclic bootloader reboot loop is detected.

  • Changes to generic plugin

    • Added retry / max_attempts to generic copy service to allow retries when uniclean image copy fails, this will help build resilience against sporadic network issues.

    • Added a new prompt removal algorithm to the generic Execute service (both simplex and HA)

  • Extended the iosxe/cat3k Reload service with a connection locked detection and wait loop to ensure a stack with a standby peer comes up correctly

  • Enhanced EAL/Pty layer to:

    • perform a graceful shutdown when closing the spawn session.

    • perform a post-shutdown wait to ensure “Connection Refused” is not seen if a back-to-back disconnect/reconnect is done.

  • Enhanced Settings base class to allow it to be multiply inherited by uniclean settings object.

  • Enhanced expect logs to include target and match groups for easier debugging.

  • Added baseline support for mocked devices.

  • Added enable_vdc statement to the simplex N7K nxos reload statement list.

  • Various bug fixes arising from Genie integration.

  • Addition of xrutconnect protocol support for Moonshine