July 2018

Jul 16 - v3.2.0

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:


Please be advised that some changes have been introduced into the execute service that may be potentially backwards incompatible for some users.

  • The execute service no longer forces enable mode as its start and end state.

  • The execute service now returns a dictionary when multiple commands are passed either in a list or via a multiline string.

  • Multiline strings are now executed line by line, expecting a prompt after each line. This may not address all scenarios, users may need to change their command to use a list with multiline string as documented in the user guide.

  • New plugin: StarOS with support for Starent OS.

  • New plugin: Firepower Extensible Operating System (FXOS).

  • Robot keyword fixes:

    • Correctly use configure timeout.

    • Fix send control character.

  • ConfD plugin update: Added option to ignore chatty terminal output with execute() and configure() services.

  • Generic plugin updates:

    • Updated generic yes/no pattern.

    • Limit the number of password attempts by the default password handler to 3.

    • Fix default password handler logic that alternates between enable and tacacs password.

  • Add bash_console service for IOSXE and NXOS, add attach_console for NXOS.

  • Enhanced NXOS/IOSXE/IOSXR plugins to accomodate pyATS Connection Pools feature.

  • Core feature updates:

    • Added SSH tunnel feature

    • Changed backend buffer matching to use maximum search buffer size (default: 8K bytes). This change significantly improves pattern matching speeds for large command output.

    • Bug fix for line_password that was passed incorrectly.

    • CLI proxy bugfix for ssh username not being specified.

    • Refactored service error pattern handling to match by line.

  • Mock device updates:

    • Added SSH server support.

    • Support for device hostname variable %N.

    • Fix usage of mock device directory parameter.

  • IOSXR admin pattern updates:

    • Added ASR9K series handles for admin patterns.

    • Updated IOSXRV series admin patterns.