October 2019

October 29th

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • core

    • Replace self.FLAG of spwan with self.has_buffer_left

    • Remove unnecessary Timeout log from setup_connection of BaseSingleRpConnection and BaseDualRpConnection

    • Add changes to correct truncation logic in add_state_pattern

    • Fix prompt recovery for connect/disconnect/connect scenario

    • Fix mock_device with SSH connections

    • Fix incorrect plugin selection for some scenarios

  • generic plugin

    • Fix issue that receive service always fails after first receive attempt

    • Fix generic get_mode service

    • Change some service regex patterns to be looser on s number

    • Enhance Execute and HaExecute to remove backspace and escape sequence in output

    • Enhance execute service to remove “–More–” in output

    • Fix copy service to raise exception when “No such file or directory” is reported

  • nxos plugin

    • Add reload_creds to nxos and nxos/n5k plugins

  • iosxr plugin

    • Add reload_creds to iosxr ncs5k plugin

    • Enhance spitfire plugin connect to look at ZTP lock and config lock to ensure initial connect does not fail right after reimage

    • Fix nxos HA connection to correctly handle “–More–” during connect stage

    • Add “logging console disable” into iosxr init configure command

    • Fix iosxr ask9k switchover service by changing STANDBY_STATE_REGEX

    • Enhance TraceroutePatterns for iosxr

  • iosxe plugin

    • Fix iosxe HA execute to correctly handle “–More–”