November 2019

November 26th

Module Versions





Install Instructions

bash$ pip install unicon

Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • core

    • separate plugins from unicon to be a sinlge package unicon.plugins

    • use mock_device_cli instead of python run mock_device

    • add matched_retries for Statement to avoid transient match on output

    • enhance UniconStreamHandler to handle UnicodeEncodeError

    • enhance RawPtySpawn to set environment variable via via settings

    • enhance RawSpawn to use shlex for start command split

    • now allow settings.DEFAULT_LEARNED_HOSTNAME to be used by plugins

  • generic plugin

    • add prompt matched_retries for execute service to avoid transient match on output

    • add resolve_as_number option for traceroute service

  • nxos plugin

    • add corresponding error patterns for configure service

  • linux plugin

    • enhance linux plugin to set TERM vt100 and LC_ALL C by default

  • iosxe plugin

    • enhance iosxe/cat3k to find boot image from rommon

    • add vrf argument for iosxe traceroute service

  • sdwan plugin

    • add plugins sdwan/viptela and sdwan/iosxe

  • aireos plugin

    • enhance to support known states

    • enhance to support for hostname learning

    • now execute service raises SubCommandFailure if error is detected in CLI output.