February 2018

February 12 - v3.0.1

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Linux connection and plugin updates

    • Added ping service

    • Added learn hostname feature

      Linux connections now support the learn_hostname connect option to automatically learn the hostname.

      This improves reliable prompt matching as the default prompt matching may result in false positives when the command output contains one of the prompt pattern characters > # % ~ $ at the end of a line.

    • Prompt stripping update

      Only the last matching prompt is stripped from the output. When using the default prompt, false prompt matches may strip parts of the output instead of the prompt.

    • Updated unittests

      The linux plugin unittests now cover about a dozen known prompts to validate prompt pattern matching and hostname learning.

  • iosxr plugin updates:

    • Fixed bug in iosxr and iosxr/iosxrv plugins that was causing incorrect output from device.execute.

    • Update to Moonshine plugin: Make the prompt regex be more restrictive, by using the regex enforced in XR command files.

  • nxos plugin updates:

    • HA reload service now rediscovers active/standby roles to accommodate targets that may switch roles after reload.

  • Core features

    • Updated plugin discovery mechanism to support external plugin packages.

    • Removed OS static checking list, and made a warning instead.

    • New feature that allows user to specify initial exec and config command when connecting to a device. Users can now specify init_exec_commands and init_config_commands options when connecting to a device.

    • The terminal variable is now set to VT100 before launching the telnet or ssh connection to a device. This is to tell devices not to use fancy ANSI escape characters (e.g. colors) in the prompt. The escape characters conflict with the (Linux) learn_hostname feature.

    • Removed os.sync from send method as this was causing hung sessions on some platforms.

  • Testing related features

    • Added mock_device_cli console script to run mock device as a standalone program.