Feb 2017

Feb 8 - v2.2.1

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes

  • New core feature - hostname learning:

    • Allows the already configured device hostname to be learned if it is not known.

    • Multiple plugin updates to ensure compatibility with this feature (generic, iosxv, iosxr, nxosv).

  • Plugin updates: - Cheetah AP support

    • Generic plugin updates:

      • Updated rommon pattern to better match several IOS and IOSXE devices.

      • Now stringifying service commands to allow them to be passed as non-string objects.

      • Now allowing for list-like and string-like input objects.

      • telnet escape character callback now waits for a limited time for chatter to cease before calling sendline.

    • nxos plugin updates:

      • Now allowing for list-like and string-like input objects.

    • iosxe/csr1000v plugin updates - tuned timing parameters

    • iosxr plugin updates:

      • Tuned timing parameters for iosxrv

      • Removed partially implemented iosxr HA execute service, now using generic plugin implementation.

  • Core updates:

    • Support for %N hostname substitution outside statemachine. Needed by some uniclean plugins.

    • Now stringifying objects before sending via spawn.

    • pyATS adapter updates:

      • Now properly rendering start when port specified.

      • Now assigning series and model correctly.

      • Now stringifying the IP address in case it is passed in as an object.