September 2017

September 18 - v2.3.5

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • New plugin: ConfD with support for NSO, ESC and NFVIS

  • Update to nxos plugin to support shellexec on non-MDS platforms.

  • Handle SSH continue connecting in generic and IOSXR plugin.

  • Added % to linux prompt pattern.

  • NSO plugin updates

    • Added error_pattern option to NSO plugin services

      • Updated implementation for execute, configure and command services to allow error_pattern option to be specified.

      • Update documentation with examples of error_patterns.

    • Fixed bugs in command stripping and timeout handling

    • Updated unittests

      • Added tests with list of commands for configure and execute services

      • Changed NsoConnection to Connection class.

      • Changed the assertion statements to use unittest assertion methods.

      • Added unittests for passing error_pattern options.

    • Documentation update

      Added example execute service with list of commands.

    • Changes in execute service: maintain CLI style, change in output stripping.

      When you execute a command using the execute service, the style that is active before execution is restored at the end of the execution.

      This means that you cannot use the execute service to switch styles, use the cli_style service to change CLI style.

      Executing the command switch cli raises an exception and point to cli_style.

      The output is stripped of whitespace from the right only, if a CR/LF is present at the start of the output it is stripped. Previously, whitespace was stripped from both sides of the output text.

  • iosxe and iosxe/cat3k plugin updates:

    • Adapted patterns to be more real-time efficient to better handle long outputs.

    • Introduced mocked device tests for ASR HA, ISR and CAT3k.

    • Fixed the switchover service so it works properly for ASR HA.