November 2017

November 18 - v2.3.7

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • New plugin: Voice Operating System (VOS)

  • New plugin: Cisco Integrated Management Console (CIMC)

  • Updates to generic plugin:

    • pattern update for [confirm] prompt

    • documentation updates to clarify default Dialog for execute service

  • Updates for ConfD plugin

    • prompt pattern matching update

    • NSO plugin now using confd implementation

  • Topology handling for linux connection

    • fixed regression with command option for linux connection

  • NXOS shellexec documentation update

    • example use of ‘sudo’

  • Mock device updates

    • raise error on duplicate state in yaml files

  • Updates to aireos, confd, generic, ise, nxos plugins

    • Updated plugin regex patterns to improve speed