June 2019

June 25th

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • iosxr plugin

    • Now handling “Enter secret:” and “Enter secret again:” correctly.

    • iosxr/spitfire regex fixes, added init config commands with timeout.

    • spitfire plugin now accepts username and enable password.

  • nxos plugin

    • Added guestshell service.

    • Config lock fix

      • add utils method retry_state_machine_go_to

      • add arguments in generic Configure and HaConfigure service for retrying go_to config sate

      • add retry go_to config sate in nxos Reload and HANxosReloadService

      • fix nxos configuration locked problem after reload

    • add nxos n9k plugin whose reload service supports image_to_boot argument

  • generic plugin

    • Fix reload service that was hanging when mgmt connection was attempted.

    • Updated execute() service to allow override of default service dialogs by passing service_dialog

    • improve ping extd_ping judgement and fix endless ping dialog on erroneous value

    • Copy service now correctly detects “Could not resolve hostname” as an error

  • asa plugin

    • update to handle –more– prompt.

  • ios plugin

    • add iol plugin including switchover support for dIOL devices.

  • core

    • modifed unicon_record, unicon_replay, unicon_speed environment


    • Disconnect timers may now be updated via Settings object

    • Dialogs are now documented using autogenerated documentation for connect() and execute() services.

    • Mock device updates: Updated code that replaces the string ESC in prompt with 1xb. Print the command that was deemed invalid. Added ASA mock device to test more prompt handling.

    • The ‘init_exec_commands’ and ‘init_config_commands’ options can now be passed via the connection block in the yaml topology file.

    • use SimpleDialogProcessor instead of AlarmBasedDialogProcessor

June 3rd

Module Versions





Upgrade Instructions

bash$ pip install --upgrade unicon

Features and Bug Fixes:

  • Remove hard asyncssh package dependency. Now users requiring SSH mocks must manually install the asyncssh package.