July 2016

July 25





Upgrade Instruction

pip install abstract
pip install --upgrade genie

Also make sure you upgrade xbu-shared libraries to the latest version.

cd $VIRTUAL_ENV/xbu_shared
git pull origin master


  • New enhancement to Attributes helper. Replaces much of the boilerplate coding requirement for each Feature.

  • New addition to Genie, Cli Config Builder. It deals with generating Device configuration, and automatically generates the unconfiguration.

  • Managed Attribute is another new addition which let’s you finely control all aspect of class member variable. To list some of its features:

    1. Type checking

    2. Read-only mode

    3. Automatically document the attributes.

    4. Performs transformation on set/get/del.

  • New file structure to support abstract for xbu_shared.

  • _finalize, _build_helper and _merge_level are replaced by attributehelper.