November 2016

November 29





Upgrade Instruction

pip install abstract
pip install --upgrade genie

Also make sure you upgrade xbu-shared libraries to the latest version.

cd $VIRTUAL_ENV/xbu_shared
git pull origin master


Ops, Ops, Ops

  • Ops is now officially released!

  • Ops allows to retrieve the Operational state of the device.

  • Ops is tied with metaparser to retrieve the information from the device.

  • New Maker tool to simplify the process of mapping parsers output to a defined structure.

  • Each Ops object can be compared.

  • Supports connection pool to improve performance

  • And many more features. Read more about it in the Ops documentation.

  • Example of Ops library using Ydk is available under xbu_shared/genie/ops/ospf/iosxe/yang/

  • Full script example displaying Conf and Ops is available under the example directory.

  • Adition of the CliConfig concept for Conf.

xBU-Shared now houses 23 Conf libraries. Our sincere thanks to you and your contributions.